In 2012, Tai-Wan Motor Parts (TWMP) Group celebrated its first 20 years of long-term growth in the motorbike spare part industry. TWMP Group stands firm to its commitment in developing safe and reliable goods that meet our customers’ expectations. Our long-term mission is securing the safety during your journey through the integration of advanced technique, dependable quality, and prompt service. TWMP Group is devoted to OEM motorbike spare parts that improve stability and add value to our customers’ needs – for quality or price. We believe the qualified OEM service is not the mere creation of new technologies and solutions, but the guarantee that users receive the benefits of these developments, and feel truly empowered.

TWMP Group is a Taiwan-based spare part maker with 20 years professionally manufacturing technique and good market understanding. We launch a series of reliable electrical products inside motorbikes: starter relay assy. (solenoid switch / power relay), winker relay (flasher), rectifier & regulator assy., and CDI. As a leading firm in the domestic marketplace, TWMP Group insists the quality, safety and cost-down policies to emphasize firm’s competitiveness.
Please feel free to inquire and ask information about the product offerings and services.